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Pianos are such noble instruments - they're either upright or grand.

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Super Service Call for Vertical Pianos –Will need to give an estimate.

1. Adjust the hammer rail and remove lost motion from the keys…

2. Reshape the hammers to remove the string cuts and improve the tone.  Space the hammers to the strings.  Needle the hammers to even out the tone and to get the overall tone per customer’s preference.  Check for clicking.  This could be due to a weak glue joint where the hammers are glued to their shank.  Reglue up to 4 hammers included.  Other problems with hammers is when the hammer felt has come loose from the molding.  The tone will be weaker with those hammers.   They can be glued back to their molding in some cases. Recheck for lost motion in the keys.

3. Tighten the screws for the hammer flanges.  Loose screws can cause clicking when the key is depressed.  To check the whippen flange screws I will need to remove the action.  Loose whippen flanges can cause clicking when the keys are released.  Removing spinet actions is very time consuming and might require replacement of rubber grommets.  This work is not included in this price.

4. Check the pedals. Tighten the hold down brackets, lubricate for squeaks, replace pedal pivot pins if the pedals are loose (or determine some other cause) and adjust the pedals.

5. Tighten case screws.

6. Tuning and pitch raise if needed.

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