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National Music Camp Concert at the White House 1962

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I attended the National Music Camp at Interlochen, Michigan in the Summer of 1962.

I was very lucky to be included in a reduced size orchestra that was invited to play at the White House.

The orchestra performed on the White House Lawn on Aug. 6 1962 for President Kennedy.  Mrs. Kennedy and her kids were on their way to Italy.  Dr. Joseph Maddy was the founder and head of the Music Camp and conducted the High School Orchestra.

Portions of this event were televised.

President Kennedy’s address

“American Salute” by Morton Gould

“Emporer Waltz” by Johann Strauss with Ballet Dancers from interlochen performing.

First Movement of Tchaikovsky Symphony #4

“Music for Symphony Orchestra” in 1950 by Yasushi Akutagawa  (1925-1989)  He was a well known Japanese composer.  The premier concert of this work in the United States was by the National High School Symphony Orchestra at Interlochen, MI in 1962.  It was very difficult to obtain the score in those days. Dr. Maddy made it happen.



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