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I am a certified installer of Dampp-Chaser products for pianos. If you have me install just the dehumidifiers and humidistat, you will notice a big difference in tuning stability. A vertical piano needs just one dehumidifier and one humidistat. Grand pianos need more than one and how many depends on the size of the piano. I have some 9 ft Steinway Grands under my care that have 5 dehumidifiers and one humidistat. The humidistat is kind of like a thermostat as they turn the unit on or off.

If you were to have a system installed at this time of year, I may want to wait a few weeks to tune it. That would give the piano some time to adjust. If I tune it right away, the rod or rods could lower the pitch some since they are reducing the humidity inside the piano. They have various benefits besides tuning stability such as helping to prevent rust or corrosion of the strings.

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