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Registered Piano Technician

The most neglected aspect of piano maintenance is the voicing of the hammer felt.

Fred Yonley
Fred Yonley - Dallas Piano Tuner

Yonley’s Piano Tuning and Repair

972-896-1001 for texting and calling

I  have been a self employed piano technician in the Dallas area for 47 years. I was also tuning and learning before that.

Services Offered

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    Piano Tuning Service (including concert tuning)

  • Expert Voicing and Regulation Services

  • Advice about your piano. It costs some to maintain, but you don’t have to plug it in, which works great for power outages.

  • Many Piano Repairs

  • You might say “Enough about all that technical stuff,  We just want the piano to sound good.” That is where I come in.