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Tuning in Richardson ISD

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I started out tuning in RISD in 1977 when I tuned at Dobie Elementary School.  From  there my service expanded to most Elementary Schools, Jr High Schools, and High Schools.  I did a lot of maintenance such as repairs, regulation and rebuilt one Baldwin Concert Grand.  The Baldwin SD6 Concert Grand is still in use at Richardson High School.  I restrung, replaced the damper felt, replaced the hammers and shanks and flanges in 1986. I also did some work on the whippen parts such as replacing the lifter felts.  I spent 2 or 3 months working on that project.  It has been a pleasure over the last 41 years to work with the wonderful choir, band and orchestra directors.  The Elementary music teachers have always been top notch.  There are only a few Elementary schools that have real pianos any longer.  There was a switch over to the electric type ones.  They may not need tuning, but they have their share of repairs that come along the way.  The life span of electric pianos is much shorter than those of regular pianos.  I was taught to not refer to real pianos as Acoustic ones since we were there first.  I think that students should grow up with non-electric pianos since they sound so much better.  When regular tunings are set up, tuning complaints are reduced.  It would have been better to have gotten the ok to install more humidity control systems where feasible.  Those systems greatly reduce the need for tunings.


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