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Pianos are such noble instruments - they're either upright or grand.

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Super Service Call for Vertical Pianos –$550

For information about a basic service call just click on Services on the service menu.

1. Adjust the hammer rail and remove lost motion from the keys…

Prior to that I tighten the main action bolts and rail screws. On some spinet pianos the lost motion can not be removed without first replacing the rubber grommets that connect to the back of the key. There is a separate charge to replace the grommets.

2. Reshape the hammers to remove the string cuts and improve the tone…

Hammer spacing and some untwisting of the hammer shanks is done prior to hammer filing.  If the hammers have incurred too much wear or if they are of poor quality or have lost resilience, the next option is to replace the hammers.  There is an extra charge for replacement of any parts.  Needle the felt to make the tone even and less harsh. If a customer likes it very bright, then I will do less needling. On some spinets and smaller consoles there will be an extra charge for spacing. The hammer flange screws can be very difficult to reach.

3. Tighten the action flange screws.

On console pianos and larger and I like to tighten the hammer and whippen
flange screws. On spinets it is much more of a major job to tighten the whippen flange screws and therefore I don’t usually do that in this type service call. If the hammers are worn too much for such work, then I will recommend hammer replacement.

4. Check the pedals. Tighten the hold down brackets, lubricate for squeaks, replace pedal pivot pins if the pedals are loose (or determine some other cause) and adjust the pedals.

5. Tighten case screws.

6. Tuning and pitch raise if needed.

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