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Registered Piano Technician

Special Piano Tuning Service for New Customers

The following is for pianos that have not had regular upkeep.

All of the items below may not need to be done and therefore I will charge less.

My special tuning price for new customers is $225 + tax. This will include the following piano services:

  1. A pitch raise or lowering (This is usually needed if it hasn’t had regular service.) It covers up to 1/4 step flat which is a lot.
  2. A fine tuning
  3. Clean the key tops.
  4. Adjust the pedals.
  5. Tighten the bench leg nuts and the hinge screws.
  6. On verticals remove the bottom board behind the pedals.  Check the condition of the 2 bridges, soundboard and the pedals assemblies. Report any problems.
  7. Check the lid hinges and tighten their screws as needed.
  8. On grands remove the end blocks and fallboard and adjust the key upstop rail hold down nuts if needed.  Often the nuts get loose which can cause problems with the keys.  Adjust the hammer rail nuts if it has one and tighten. Tighten the hammer flange screws at no charge on grands.  On verticals and grands adjust and tighten the key upstop rail nuts.
  9. There is no charge for cleaning out the bottom area of verticals and also around the action and key areas.  

    This is what could be lying under your piano keys. Paper clips, coins, stars and dirt.

    This is what could be lying under your piano keys. Paper clips, coins, stars and dirt. I can vacuum all that out. It takes a long time for this much to accumulate.

 There is a charge for removing all the keys on a vertical and cleaning out all the dirt and foreign objects.   Sometimes the key pins are rusty or corroded and foreign material can be cleaned off otherwise keys can stick or be slowed down due to the extra friction.

Don’t want to scare anyone off, but there could be other minor things to do to improve your piano.  Let’s wait and see.

I don’t service pianos that are purchased over the internet unless it is with a local piano company. I recommend that the buyer play and examine the piano in person prior to purchase. Often the technician gets stuck in the middle between the purchaser and some distant piano company. It is not a good situation for the buyer or the technician.

All Work Offered

  • tuning (including concert tuning)
  • voicing
  • regulation
  • most repairs
  • Installation of Dampp Chaser humidity control systems

If your piano needs complete rebuilding, then I will recommend one of several facilities and mention the benefits of each.

Depending on usage and the length of time since your last tuning, your piano may require my super service call. For more information on what is included, click on the tab for the type of piano that you have.