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Registered Piano Technician

Piano Tuning and Repair in Carrollton, TX


Yonley’s Piano Tuning and Repair has been providing quality piano tuning and repair services, including concert tuning, voicing, regulation, action rebuilding, and most other repairs to the Dallas Metroplex since 1974.  During that time most of my business has been from the referrals of satisfied customers.

I joined the Piano Technicians Guild in 1974 after passing the required exams to be a Registered Craftsman (This classification is now called Registered Piano Technician).  Since then, I have attended numerous Regional and National Piano Technicians Guild conventions, and taken a leadership role in the organization serving as President of the Dallas chapter.  I have attended continuing education classes provided by Steinway, Baldwin, Yamaha, and other piano manufacturers.


About Carrollton

Carrollton, Tx was first settled in 1842 and in 1844 a mill was established in the area around Trinity Mills.  A group of families, many of whom were from Carrollton, Illinois, colonized this area and it is believed that this is where the name of the town came from.  Today Carrollton is a vibrant corporate and residential community.  Residents are drawn to the city for its high quality of life.  For an experienced piano tuner in the Carrollton area, contact Yonley’s Piano Tuning and Repair.

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