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The piano is able to communicate the subtlest universal truths by means of wood, metal and vibrating air

Kenneth Miller



Losing Car Keys

I was involved in a fairly long job and asked my customer if it would be ok with them if I drove down to a nearby 7-11 store to get some lunch.  They said fine and I preceded to look for my car keys.  For some reason some tuners don’t like anything extra in their pockets when tuning and doing other work.  I now take a pull along type case to homes and everywhere else.   Therefore that is the first place I look for car keys.  I have the push button type so it should be easy to spot. This time the search wasn’t going well and I mentioned that I would call my wife to see if she could bring be our extra set of keys.  I had also been to the car to look there, but my customer said that she was going to take another look in the front yard.  She came in with a smile and the lost was found.  I called my wife and said I was good to go so need to come by.  Glad that we weren’t having rain that day; these electronic type keys don’t like water.  I did learn one trick recently in case your car keys get wet.  Open up their case and take out the battery.  Pour some uncooked rice inside in areas where there could be water.  In a few days the rice will attract the moisture and assorb it.  This method has worked here at home such as the time they went through the wash. We may have tried this before with a cell phone and I believe that it worked then as well.

Parking Decisions

I try to be careful to not park near mail boxes that are along the street. Once after parking close to one the mailman drove off without leaving any mail. My customer took off running down the street trying to catch him in order to get their mail. The run was a success. If I need to park close to a mail box now, I always ask if the mail has already come or when it is expected.

Also there is some thought that goes into whether to park by a dumpster at a school.  I will first park in the teacher’s lot and walk in to see where the piano is located before bringing in my tools.  If the dumpster entrance is a lot closer, then I will ask about the pickup day and time.  I hate it when a dumpster driver gets upset. Then there are the times when no good parking spot is available except a staff members slot out front.  It is best to call to see if that person has left for the day.  I still stay away from the Teacher of the Month and the Principal’s reserved areas.

Letting out Pets

While leaving a residence I allowed a newly acquired dog to escape out the front door. My lady customer took off running (barefooted) as I was going to the car to get my receipt pad. When I looked in the direction she was headed, there was no sign of her or the dog. I called her later to learn that the dog had gotten past the fence for their housing division, but someone on the other side caught and handed her the dog under the fence. She couldn’t have crawled under it or gone over the top. My name was not totally mud at that point.

Finding Things in Pianos

Some things that are found in a piano are better off not mentioned. One time I found a snake skin in the bottom of a lady’s vertical piano. As I pulled it out for inspection she asked, “What is that!”.  She wasn’t happy with the answer since one starts to wonder where the snake might have gone. She said to not tell her if I found something similar in the future. Another time I found a mouse skeleton which was well preserved. The guy owner was quite intrigued with its intricacies. He didn’t want me to dispose of it as I recall. I found some mouse remains in the piano’s action on a vertical piano one time. There was still some smell to it, but the lady was glad to know where the odor was coming from. She had thought that something had died in her walls and had various people searching her home to track it down.

Peace and Quiet

When going to school auditoriums, I check with the office to find out if there will be any activity that could be loud.  Recently I was given the information that “All was calm on the Western Front”.   Upon arriving I found that the orchestra normally met in the aud. and the director said they would be rehearsing another 2 hours.  The secretary was surprised that my tuning would disrupt an orchestra rehearsal.  Their playing, however good, would affect my job as well.  In looking over the piano I found enough other maintenance items to do to keep me busy for almost 2 hrs.


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