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This blog is written in case you noticed a review about how I didn’t show up on May 3rd on a tuning/repair in Allen, Texas. I had a car problem to consider in going that far. It turned out to be a bad wheel bearing, but I couldn’t get it diagnosed and fixed until the next day. Driving the 37.5 miles or 75 miles round trip on a highway wouldn’t have been a good idea. Wheel bearings can heat up and also damage the brakes. Also couldn’t locate the phone # of my customer to verify the appointment; I apparently didn’t get the phone # written down right away. It was scheduled a few weeks back. My potential customer didn’t call to check on me or leave a message and since I couldn’t find a contact #, I was out of luck. Tried some other ways to locate a phone # that didn’t work out. I also sent a snail mail notice to the address to try and smooth things up.

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