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Minor adjustments with hammers and more

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Having a piano that is in good tune is part of the equation. Getting the hammers evened up tonally is another aspect. A hammer could have moved to one side so that the sound is adversely affected. On a vertical small adjustments and some hammer filing can make a big difference in tone quality. Some of these changes might take 5 minutes or an hour or two. It partly depends how deeply the hammers are worn as to how long it takes. Hammer spacing on verticals such as consoles and larger are most easily changed. Spinet pianos, which are just 36 in. tall, can be more difficult to address with spacing. The adjustment screws are more difficult to get to. No company that I know of is still making spinet pianos. Some of the best spinets were made by Baldwin.

I grew up amidst Baldwin Acrosonic Spinets as my Mother and Grandmother both taught on that type.  I should probably write something about spinets in a separate blog.

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