Registered Piano Technician

The piano is able to communicate the subtlest universal truths by means of wood, metal and vibrating air

Kenneth Miller


  • Piano Technicians Guild gives information about the Piano Technicians Guild.
  • Info on regulation and voicing This site has some good information on various aspects of piano care.
  • Dampp Chaser Electronics for humidity control. I am a certified installer and highly recommend them.
  • Kawaii shows their product line and information about the use of ABS plastic in their actions.
  • Renner is a site that shows some of the best technicians’ tools and also describes Renner parts and shows an actual moving action model.
  • Steinway Just about everything you ever
    wanted to know about Steinway Pianos is located here.
  • Yamaha has a good site and shows their many products.
  • Music and health Good information about ergonomics of piano playing and anatomy.
  • Hubble Why not check some photos that are way out there?
  • KERA You can search for programs from this fine PBS Channel
  • Music Files This site “Classical Music Archives” has mp3 as well as midi files. You can register as a free subscriber or pay by the year. Includes amateur and professional quality performances. Downloads are at no additional charge. A radio station is also included.
  • Mesquite Symphony This is the orchestra that has kept me playing the past 20 yrs.
  • Pianopricepoint Glen Barkman has designed this site to reveal basic piano technology in an interesting way. A few high points are as follows: Virtual tours of various piano factories. New pianos are grouped into various price ranges. Parts of the piano are arranged into categories with excellent graphics.
  • Europianosnaples I just included this link as of 8-14-18. It includes some under the hood basics about grand pianos. There are many photos of the various makes and models of pianos. It shows some exotic types as well.

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